Founder, Tinker Kitchen — 2015–Present

Tinker Kitchen is a makerspace for food and cooking based in the Mission District in San Francisco.

  • Built world’s first cooking makerspace.
  • Oversaw construction from scratch of 1700 sqft commercial kitchen.
  • Built cooking community of hobbyists, food entrepreneurs, food scientists.
  • Hosted highly rated team building events for Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Uber and others.
  • Organized varied community events ranging from pop up dinners to art shows to tasting dinners for makers to gather sensory data.
  • Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, CNN's Great Big Story, the Exploratorium, and Maker Faire.
  • Advised food entrepreneurs on regulations, health safety, recipe development, and scaling production.
  • Managed P&L. Business has turned a profit in <1 year since launch.
Director of Product Strategy, Creative Commons — 2013–2014
  • Led effort to define and create new products to sustainably pursue the Creative Commons mission.
  • Performed extensive user research on digital content creators, and on K-12 teachers in particular, to determine user needs and guide potential products.
  • Oversaw creation of storyboards and prototypes.
Product Manager, Identity, Mozilla Corporation — 2010–2013
  • Launched Mozilla Persona, a decentralized website sign-in solution. Responsible for concept, vision, strategy, and overall product direction. Grew adoption to thousands of sites in 2013, and identity team to 20+.
  • Defined roadmap and feature-set of Mozilla's identity products and features. Developed use-cases and product requirements, built consensus around product direction and priorities. 
  • Guided user studies and research, from early-stage to usability testing. Oversaw creation of experimental prototypes.
  • Worked with Firefox and services teams to enable Firefox Accounts natively in the browser, to unify browser synchronization, services integration, and Persona website sign-in.
  • Worked with Mozilla's leadership and partners to integrate carrier IDs and billing into Firefox OS (Mozilla’s smartphone OS) for its initial launch.
  • Created videos and blog posts, gave talks, and met with partners to foster a community, gather requirements, and evangelize our product. Occasionally spoke to press.
Senior Software Engineer, Mozilla Corporation — 2006–2010
  • Founding member of Mozilla Labs, focused on services integration into Firefox.
  • Designed, prototyped, and led the team which created Weave (now Firefox Sync).
  • Updated Firefox bookmarks components to use a modern sqlite store.
  • Created automated system for customized Firefox builds, reducing turn-around from weeks to minutes.
Software Engineer, Ximian Inc./Novell Inc. — 2001–2007
  • Designed, developed, and maintained software on Linux and UNIX platforms.

Duke University — BS Computer Science, class of 2000

Food Industry & General Management
  • Commercial kitchen design & buildout.
  • Shared kitchen space management.
  • Familiar with health, building, zoning regulations.
  • General administration: Accounting, payroll, taxes, etc.
  • Familiar with startups & investment ecosystem.
  • Marketing campaigns: organic, ads, trade shows, etc.
  • Sales deal pipelines & prospecting tools.
  • Design thinking.
  • Distilling product requirements and user stories.
  • Brainstorming and whiteboarding with all stakeholders.
  • Defining go to market strategy and MVP.
  • Presentations and public speaking. Some media training.
  • Full-stack engineer, proficient in a variety of languages, frameworks and environments.
  • Familiar with release processes, bug tracking, and source management.
  • Knowledgeable of security and cryptography principles.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, conversational Italian, intermediate Japanese. Collector of kitchen equipment and food science nerd.